Tares and Wheat


Jesus often spoke in parables that should have been easily understood but often weren’t.  The parable of the wheat and the tares (weeds) came to mind this morning as I was gardening.  I planted several varieties of vegetables a week or so ago.  Because of time constraints, it has been a few years since I gardened.  So I am waiting for those seeds to break the surface of the ground with great anticipation.  In the meantime, the weed seeds appear to be well watered and vibrant.  There are tiny plants springing up literally everywhere.  I would love to get out the weeds right now but I cannot.  If I were to till the soil I may uproot the vegetable seedling that have not emerged yet.  Also, it is very hard to tell the plants apart when they are so tiny.  I run the risk of pulling up my vegetables seedlings by mistake.  It is best to give the plants some time and it will be evident which are vegetables and which are weeds.  I can safely till the ground a bit to rid the weeds then, without accidentally ruining my vegetables.

Jesus was making the point that weeds (troublemakers, gossips, those who profess to believe in Him for their own agenda, etc.) grow in every garden (church).  It is our job to tend the garden and nuture it.  He promises to take care of the weeds Himself when the time is right and the church is ready for harvest.  We don’t know the weeds from the good plants.  God says He knows our hearts but we don’t have that ability.

Let’s nurture each other and lift each other up.  If we don’t, we run the risk of pulling up a baby Christian who may just not look like they will at maturity.  Life is a growing process and we all mature at different times and seasons.  God promises to take care of the rest if we will just do our part.