120th Yovel

YOVEL is defined as a trumpet blast of Liberty.  Hebrews use it as a term for Jubilee year.

A Jubilee year is always proclaimed on Yom Kippur (1st day of 7th Biblical month or the day that ‘no man knows the day or hour’) by making the declarations of liberty for the captives and release of debt (Lev 25:9)  It is important to always remember Yah reckons time in sets of 7s.  A Jubilee is a week of years, or 7 sets of 7 years, after which the 50th year is the Juliblee.  The 50th year is a double Sabbath year, since the year before is a regular shmita.  I believe there is an embedded significance to this, as it relates to end-time events.  Jubilees have been lost through the centuries due to the diaspora of Jews and Israelites.

Why is a Jubilee so important? On Yah’s calendar, days can represent years and/or millennia. Each day of creation represents and foreshadows a millennia, with the 6th (which is the number of man) being the last before the millennial of Sabbath rest and the reign of Messiah (2 Peter 3:8, Hebrews 4:9-11).  Genesis 6:3 appears to be a contradiction that needs to be explained away, since the years of man are not 120.  A closer look at this passage plainly shows this is the length of time Yah has appointed to the fleshly man to strive against the Spirit. This is another indication of 6000 years, as 120 Jubilees amounts to the same. 

Why is this knowledge so important?  One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 25:2, “The glory of Yah is to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”  It is my honor and my pleasure to search the Word, and it should be yours too.  Beyond that, the Bible is the story of man and the cycles of life Yah puts before us.  If we diligently search His word, we have wisdom to weather many storms in life.  Of course, the culmination of the storms is the perfect storm that ends the age of man and ushers in the 2nd coming of our Messiah-not as a great prophet and not as the sacrificial lamb that made a Way for the House of Israel to return to the Covenant but as the King of Kings executing justice on earth before settling in with His Bride for 1000 years.  We have to be able to overcome the tribulation about to take place without being deceived (Matt 24).  We must learn the ways of Yah that will guide us, and if His return is not as imminent as I think, then we have time to teach our children!  HalleluYAH!

Although the calculations following are the current opinion of Taste and See Ministries, there seems to be a general knowledge that the all-important Jubilee is within a 5-year window of our calculations.  We are Truth seekers, and sometimes more truth has to change our opinions.

I am going to lay down my theory based on a post-crucifixion, historical, rabbinical writing.  Rabbi Judah ben Samuel lived 1140-1217 CE or AD.  This was the time period of the Roman Crusades.  Although these wars were technically fought against Muslims, the rise and power of the Roman church drove the Messianic believers underground and assimilated the feast keeping and Torah observance of the Bible into the pagan rites of the Romans, which we now call the Christian religion.  Rabbi ben Samuel was called to teach and record what he could for future reference of the believers.  He records the year 1217 as being a Jubilee year.  This rabbi also recorded a prophecy of future events in terms of Jubilees, which unfolded with stellar accuracy.  In his prophecy, he saw Jerusalem being captured by the Ottomans in 1517 (a Jubilee year).  He said they would keep control for 8 Jubilees (ending 1917) and afterward it would be ‘a no-man’s land’ for 1 Jubilee (ending 1967).  Israel was taken from the Ottomans by the British in 1917 and the Temple mount was taken by Israel on the 1st day of Hanukkah in 1967.

Based on the assumption that the preceding dates were, in fact, all Jubilee years, the year 2017 aligned as a Jubilee.  Not just a Jubilee, but the 120th Jubilee!  Interestingly enough, a couple of significant signs appeared in the heavens (Luke 21:25-28) that year.  In August, a total solar eclipse swept America from coast to coast.  Another is calculated to appear, which will sweep America in the opposite direction in 2024. The combination of the two, occurring 7 years apart, mark an “X” across the entire nation.  September 23, 2017 was the day another heavenly phenomenon presented. The alignment of the constellation Virgo was exactly as it is described in Revelation 12. 

We felt a shift in the spirit realm during this time.  If you give pause to think, I believe you would have to agree that our world has undergone evil changes at warp-speed since then.  Based on all the information presented here, it is our belief that we may have entered into the last 7 years in 2017, with the Great Tribulation to begin around Passover this year, in 2021. 

Regardless of whether the Great Tribulation begins in a couple of short months or not, it is of vital importance to be prepared.  Prepare yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Prepare your family, if they have ears to hear.  Ground yourself on the Rock of our Salvation.  Put away everything evil and lewd.  Live a life that bears witness to the Light of the World. “Look up!  Your Redemption is near!” On Yah’s calendar, days can represent years and/or millennia.


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