Our country is in grave danger.  There is a coup taking place while most of America sleeps.  We are not going to place labels like “socialism” or “communism” in this article.  Terms and labels are arguable and subjective.  Biden claims he is against any form of socialism while Ocasio-Cortez is happily and stupidly a self-proclaimed socialist.  In other words, insidious agendas are easily cloaked under more fragrant and palatable terms.

The warning signs are all around and we are quickly approaching the point of no return.  History always repeats itself and history of the rise and fall of great nations is a subject easily researched, so we will refrain from dwelling on the particulars of most of that history.  Rather, let’s fast forward to the 2017 coup of Venezuela.  Venezuela was a very prosperous country who became a socialist country; followed by an election with Dominion voting machines that inflated the votes by a cool 1 million.  Computer glitch or fraud?  Who knows?  The machines were destroyed in a warehouse fire.  Sound familiar?  Hyperinflation was followed by an economic crash resulting in food shortages and severe famine. While the government grows fat, the people are starving. 

Should the United States continue along the same wretched path as Venezuela, here is what we can expect:  Tyrannical governmental rulers that are ready and willing to strip citizens of any rights that are disruptive to their agendas and prove to be a threat to them.  We already have a fat government and hyperinflation.  Not only that, as we are hearing of the new “stimulus package” designed for you and me to feel a whole lot better about the civil liberties and freedoms being stripped from us, we can’t help but notice that our tax dollars are being used to support governments not our own, agendas of a morally-repulsive nature and to line the pockets of politicians who continue to strip us of our hard-earned wealth and our rights promised to us under the Constitution of the United States of America.  We agreed to none of this; neither did we agree to work hard and share our income to provide free education, welfare and food stamps, and free housing for those unwilling to work but feel entitled enough to expect just this. Taxation without representation!

What is the point of this article?  Simply to say, WAKE UP before it’s too late.  WAKE UP before you have nothing left with which to defend yourself with.  WAKE UP before you are unable to shop, work or travel without carrying a vaccination card.  Many people are echoing this very sentiment.  It’s time to join with other Patriots and come up with a solution.  We can look to our Forefathers and the Patriots of the American Revolution for guidance.  These godly men based their decisions on the Bible.  Actually, much information was spread from the pulpit.  We challenge all of you to read some of the wise and brave speeches made by these Patriots to bolster the courage of their fellow man.  If history is going to repeat itself, we pray it will be that we will follow in the footsteps of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere and all the others who had a vision of a nation free of excessive taxation, a tyrannical government and the ability to freely speak their mind.  We salute those men and women, and all the fearless Patriots who have come after them to defend our freedoms right up to this very day.


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