TORAH and the translation of the word Torah are greatly misunderstood by Christians.  The word “Torah” appears over two hundred times in the Hebrew Scriptures.  The Greek word for Torah, “Nomos”,  is actually used in excess of two hundred times in the new writings, or New Testament.  Nomos is the word that was used by the translators of the Septuagint to translate the Hebrew word “Torah” into Greek.  The Christian translators nearly always translate both Torah and Nomos as “Law”, even though that is not the meaning for either the Hebrew or the Greek. 

Torah means teaching or instruction, NOT law.  Please make a conscious effort to erase what you have heard about “LAW” in biblical teachings.  The first five books of the Bible are referred to as “Torah” although sometimes the word is loosely applied to all Scripture.  The emphasis on the teachings from Genesis through Deuteronomy are to instruct us to live the kind of  life that the Father wants us to live.  They are His instructions that let Him know we are willing and obedient.

Paul admonished in 1 Corinthians that believers should bring their differences before the Sanhedrin instead of the judicial system of the heathens.  Each synagogue and local Sanhedrin were made up of elders who were well versed in the Torah and that was the only tool they used for resolution of wrongs and differences among the community.  In other words, “What does YHVH have to say about this?”  Then every legal decision was guided by what was found in Torah.  We have not understood that most of the instructions in Torah deal with personal relationships.  This use of Torah for legal decisions is most likely where Torah began to be referred to as LAW by those who were unaware of the fundamental differences between Torah and law.  However, understanding those differences are crucial to understanding New Testament truth.  This is a whole different context from the mind sets we have acquired from Christian teachings.

Remember, Torah means teaching or instruction, so substitute the word “Torah” for law when reading your Bible.  This will help you gain the needed perspective to walk in obedience to the Father.

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