Do you hunger and thirst for the truth in God’s Word?  Is it of utmost importance to you to worship Him as He instructs us? When we are ignorant of His instructions it is easy to follow the ways of Babylon. If this sounds foreign to you, we are instructed in Revelation to come out of Babylon. The traditions of men are often in opposition to God’s word. Not all traditions are improper, but celebrating the birth of our King on December 25th is!

Why? Most Christians are fully aware Yeshua  (you may know Him by His nickname Jesus) most likely was not born on December 25 but believe if that is what is in their heart,  it’s ok to pick that day. Most people don’t realize the significance of Dec 25th. Do you? In the pagan world, sun god worship rituals took place on winter solstice,  or December 25. The Babylonian sun god  Tammuz was born on that day, so it was already an active day when Yeshua was born. Babies were sacrificed in the Tammuz cave in Israel and under evergreen tree groves during winter solstice. The first born were burnt alive. The creator of the universe would never have chosen such a day for the birth of His Son. Yeshua was born in the fall and, actually, with NASA technology to  look up the sign/star of His birth we can accurately pinpoint that great day to September 26, 3 BCE. That date has more significance, but that can be for a later discussion.

The question remains, why does God hate December 25? Because he admonishes us not to learn the ways of the pagans. He calls mixing the profane with holy an abomination.  (Deuteronomy 12:29-32, 18:9 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-16) Jeremiah 10:4 mentions cutting down evergreen trees , bringing them in the house and decorating them with gold and silver balls as being an abomination. He doesn’t care one bit what your family traditions are.

Jeremiah 10:9 prophesies that in the last days we will cry out knowing we have inherited lies from our fathers. Listen! The traditions of men cannot take precedence over God’s instructions. Coming out of the Babylonian system we inherited is not easy. It is, however, necessary if your heart is really in pleasing God. Don’t continue teaching your children lies when you now have been told the truth. YOU are responsible for it. Eternity is a long time. Choose this day whom you will serve. He puts before you blessings and curses, life and death. Choose life!

Please don’t take our word. Holy Scripture is for your instruction and there is a wealth of information on the internet.  Look it up and ask Holy Spirit to guide you in all Truth.

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