Have you set out your invite to evil spirits yet?

I am on my yearly rant about the evils of halloween. I don’t post views that conflict from the majority of well-meaning folks for any reason other than concern. I am always hoping for one seed planted, one lost sheep recovered. The truth is, so much of what we do as a matter of routine traditions are steeped in evil. Many good people have evil and pagan practices deeply rooted from childhood—things presented as harmless fun but are not. No matter your intent you can’t make something good out of an evil foundation. It doesn’t matter in the spirit realm. Halloween! The more ghoulish and creatively demonic you can be the better, Right? Outdo your neighbors’ decorations! Dress your kids up to “trick or treat.”
When I have the opportunity to talk to someone on a one-to-one basis, I hear how parents don’t want to take away their kids fun. Really? Let’s put this in perspective…..
Pagan religions believed Oct 31 was a day spirits left the grave looking for a home to reside in. The superstitions for thwarting these spirits were dressing up in scary costumes and treating to avoid tricks of these spirits. Pumpkin faces were carved and lit to keep the spirits away from the doorways of homes. Bonfires were lit for human and animal sacrifices. Witches and satan worshippers use this day as their celebratory day. Can’t buy a black cat from the pound around halloween.
Deuteronomy 18:9 specifically states we are to have nothing to do with the occult. God only instructs us to stay away from things that He, in His infinite wisdom, knows is harmful to His children.
Like attracts like. In other words, you set out an invitation to the evil side of the spirit world to take up residence at your house when you put out evil replicas. You are literally calling evil in, and then wondering why your children don’t sleep well and act out, you wonder why pornography has a hold on your spouse, and why you are depressed all the time. Folks, these are not the fruits of God’s spirit but they are fruits of satan’s spirit.
Not only that, if you say you love God, why do you go around looking and acting like the enemy? Who do you really serve?

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