Warning!  I am about to jump on a soap box against the lies of Bayer, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, etc.   I am going to do my best not to rant, because I have a different opinion to share-a voice that needs to be heard.  Most who are reading this have most likely already formed an opinion about GMO food, vegetable seed that is herbicide resistant, and things like corn that produces its own pesticide.  Big business, especially Monsanto, would love you to believe this has no ill effect on your body.  Maybe you believe that, or maybe you simply don’t care.  A lot of terrible things have happened in our world because we choose to be apathetic.  There are so many dangers to everything I mentioned, that I would scarcely know how to begin to tell you all of them; from our personal health to the risk of a world-wide famine.  One of the most disheartening days for me was the day I read a full-page ad touting the benefits of GMO seed in my trusted local farmer’s cooperative publication.  As ranchers, my husband and I have taken a stand against feeding GMO-based feed to our livestock.  We choose vegetable seeds and fruit trees that are old stock and heirloom.  Meaning, it has the ability to correctly reproduce itself from the seeds of the fruit or vegetable.  We consume what we raise, and sell lamb, pork and eggs.  At this point, I make a trip into Kentucky from time to time and bring back as much feed as I can haul.  Why?  Because it is impossible to find non-GMO certified feed anywhere close to us.

You ask, what do genetically modified organisms have to do with God?  Absolutely everything!  You see, God has a very prescriptive way of life for us, his children, that is designed to keep us healthy well into old age.  Before I get into scripture, I have a question to propose… If God made (and we know He did) tomatoes, corn, soybeans, and every other edible plant-what makes human beings think they can modify it and make it better without there being serious consequences?  Haven’t there always been serious consequences for playing God?

God specifically tells us in two different places (Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:9-11) not to mix two different kinds of seed. The phrase “two kinds” is from “kilayim” meaning two things of different kinds.  In other words, this does not mean a golden delicious apple and a cameo apple.  It means an apple and an orange; which is exactly what genetic modification is.  There is actually animal DNA in some fruits and vegetables now.  God warns that the increase of such will be defiled.  It is no wonder that food allergies, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other grave illnesses are on the rise.  Our food is raised to be stable for shipping instead of nutrient dense.  I would urge you to read those passages in the Bible, and read up on some supporting evidence against the chemical companies who are now in charge of producing our food.  There is a very good documentary on Netflix called GMO-OMG.

What can you do for the health and safety of your family?  First, follow God’s rules and God’s commandments.  Believe Him above anything man says.  Stand up for the sake of your health and your family’s health.  Try to buy locally-grown food, but be sure and ask about the GMO status of the farm.  Not all home-grown is created equal.  Pay attention to when these big chemical giants are lobbying their agendas.  A good and upcoming one is a Monsanto/Bayer merger that is proposed.  Let your representatives know you are tired of being sick and tired because of the quality of your food.  Did you know a lot of other nations will not even allow GMO foods to be sold?  Those nations that do require labeling showing them as being genetically modified.

In short, anytime man has thought he was smarter than the Creator of the Universe, there have been dire consequences.  Do your best to be a set-apart people.

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