I guess if you have a spell check you might be thinking I forgot to use mine when I wrote the word “hallelujah”.  I know my own spell checker is fussing at me right now with a red line underneath the word.  Halleluyah is actually the original spelling, rooted the in the Hebrew language.  The breakdown is like this….  Hallelu– Hebrew for command to praise

Hallel– Hebrew songs of praise used for feast days and celebrations-Psalms 113 – 118.

Yah-one of the many names of God

In Christian circles, the word is used loosely-kind of like “Praise the Lord!”.   However, as you can see, hallelujah is a command to praise God.  We were designed to bring God praise.  King David understood this, and his worship of the Lord in song and dance covered a multitude of his sins in a world before Christ.  The Bible says to Praise God IN all our circumstances (Psalm 145 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18).   Many people misquote this to think we are to be super Christians without feeling of tragedies of life.  No.  Instead, we are to remember that no matter what happens on this earth our Father in Heaven cares about us.  He and He alone is worthy of our hallelujah.  That sacrifice of praise to His Holy Name when times are hard is what is required of us.  Often the circumstances we find ourselves in seem insurmountable and the last thing we want to do is dance and sing to the Lord.  The SACRIFICE of praise moves heaven on your behalf-connecting the Father’s heartbeat with your own.

There was a popular song a few years ago called Broken Hallelujah by the Afters. I love the words to that song, and would encourage you to listen to it.  So many times, all we can say is “Here I am Lord.  Thank you for your goodness and your mercy.  The world is beating me up right now, but I still praise You!”   When your hands are empty and your heart is broken, look up to the Holy One.  No one can steal your song of praise unless you let it go.  Fight the good fight.  The battle is the Lords but you are the victor!

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