Radical Remnant or Mediocre Majority?

By looking around, I would think that the Christian population would have a much larger, much louder voice than appearances and circumstances seem to show.  The world appears to be like a runaway train that has jumped the tracks and is careening down a steep bluff to a rock canyon below.  The Bible says in the last days men will call evil good and good evil.  I cannot help but think we are living in those times.  For example, I see many supposedly Christian believers who live together and have illegitimate children together who appear to think they are right with God.  This amazes me.  That is just one example-the one that came to mind the quickest but there are many others.  I am not just picking on those who fornicate.  How about the whole “Walking Dead” craze, the “Pokemon” craze and the “Twilight” series?  There are many church-goers who delve into this evil along with the atheists and agnostics.   There seems to be a common thread that if someone in the church is partaking, then it must be okay.  NOTHING could be further from the truth!  The church world has watered the Word to an almost unrecognizable state.  A real wakeup call can be found in Revelation 21:6-8.  I won’t share the list here but we should all read and refresh ourselves regularly with the Word.  Keep your heart tender toward the things of God, and remember we are in this world but are not supposed to be of the world.  Meaning, we are light that is to shine in dark places.  We aren’t to darken ourselves like the world does. I would suggest if “everyone” is doing something and thinks it’s great, we, as Believers, might want to consider if the opposite is what we should be doing.  When in doubt, go to the handbook.  God thought of everything when He had it written.

In a pamphlet for Europeans titled “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America,” 1754, Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Atheism is unknown there; Infidelity rare and secret; so that persons may live to a great age in that country without having their piety shocked by meeting with either an Atheist or an Infidel. And the Divine Being seems … pleased to favor the whole country.”

The America the early settlers enjoyed and the America we know today are shockingly different.  Amazing how things could change so dramatically in 262 years.  Until recently, people worked hard and didn’t have time to partake in so many extracurricular activities.  I believe God loves it when we enjoy ourselves and take that day of Sabbath rest he initiated at the creation of the world.  When did we become a society that needed to be so highly entertained?  Furthermore, I would suggest that, if so many people didn’t accept government assistance for food and shelter, there would be far less backbiting and gossip because society would be busy. Not only that, food prices would go down.  Anything the government subsidizes goes up in price. Our country has turned from a group of fearless trailblazers strong in their faith in God to a socialistic, soon-to-be communistic society of weak, entitlement-minded individuals who are unable to care for themselves.  The mediocre majority is alive and well.

My Bible says “NARROW is the path.”  This admonition is not meant to be a hindrance but, rather, is designed by a loving God to keep His children safe.

Where are you, Radical Remant?  I know you are out there.  Pick up your Bibles, align yourselves with the Word, and speak out for what is right.  Don’t fight against anything.  Rather, lead by example and show others how to walk the narrow path.  Show them it is never a boring path but a path filled with surprises and God encounters.

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