Abba Father

Abba Father…  In my heart I believe there is no sweeter cry we can voice to our Heavenly Father.  The Word says the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in the behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him.  (2 Chronicles 16:9)  Jesus was my savior quite a while before I realized how very important I was to God.  If you digest this verse, it can be a life changer and a game changer.  Sometimes early life experiences make it hard to believe in the pure, never-changing, love of God.  Those who had bad experiences with an earthly father generally have a hard time overcoming those ideals toward our Heavenly Father.  I have heard wounded souls try to replace the Father figure with a motherly figure.  While it is true that Holy Spirit is our Comforter, it is never sound doctrine to replace the Father with a mother.  Abba Father certainly understands our wounds and His heart breaks when ours does, but there is healing for any wound we may have experienced.  Rather than shut out the Father image, we need to go to Him and express our struggles and ask for healing.  After all, He already knows what is in our hearts.  The word says He searches our hearts.  (Jeremiah 17:10)

It is important to believe God is for you and that He cares about your every circumstance.  No matter what trials and tribulations are going on in your life, remember He is a good, good Father.  See your circumstances as if Abba Father is waiting on you to cry out to Him.  Know that He promises to show Himself strong.  Never blame Him for causing your troubles.  Instead, remember where your help comes from!  (Psalm 121:1)  ABBA FATHER!

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