Giving and Receiving Shalom Peace

There isn’t much peace in the world today.  I am not talking about wars and rumors of wars, which is certainly in the forefront of every nation right now.  I am talking about the peace that Jesus said He gave us, personally.  The peace we are to wear and give to others.

Never in history have there been so many distractions so readily available, all at our fingertips and encapsulated in our smart phones, tablets and laptops.  Adults, not children, are having accidents while trying to catch themselves a Pokémon!  I’ll speak out about Pokémon in my next blog.

I am guilty of allowing myself to be distracted every day.  Not all distractions and life situations can be helped, but a great deal of the time it’s a matter of focus.  This morning, for example, I picked up my smart phone to read the Bible verse of the day and checked my email first.  I caught myself and didn’t move on to Pinterest or something else but that has happened too.

Email, Pinterest and other social media are not bad, it is simply that it is far too easy to allow them to come before spending time with our Father.  Without Him, there is no peace.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  Jehovah Shalom.  He told his disciples when they went out to minister to give that peace away to whomever they were staying with, and if it was not a fit place for the peace to reside, it would return to them.  (Matthew 10:12-14)  I have pondered that for years.

How is my peace a tangible thing to give away and take back?  I believe it is the anointing of God resting on me.  Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit at baptism, as we are upon salvation.  (Luke 4:1, John 14:17) but He had a separate anointing of the Spirit after the wilderness experience.  (Luke 4:14)  He performed no miracles before this time.  This anointing Jesus received allowed Him to say “Follow Me” to 12 grown men and they walked away from their lives to do so.

The Holy Spirit is in us but also rests on us like a dove on our shoulder.  If you have a gentle bird traveling on your shoulder you will be mindful to take care not to knock it off or injure it in your daily activities.  You will feed and care for it daily, and see to its well-being.  The Holy Spirit travels with us, outwardly, in a similar fashion.  His precious presence is with us, anointing us to do great things for the Kingdom, as long as we do not try to take Him somewhere He cannot go with us.  As part of the Godhead, He is Holy.  You must take in the Word and His peace daily to sustain Him.  If you treat Him well and are mindful of His presence ON you, you possess a presence about you people react to.  That peace you have resting on you is then available for you to extend to others.  If they choose not to take it from you, it comes back to land gently on your shoulder.

This analogy has helped me “keep up” with the Holy Spirit in my daily walk.  It is a daily challenge to not allow distractions to keep me from extending Him to others I meet along the way.  Join me in taking a bit of time each day to turn off your phones, TVs and other distractions and spend time in the presence of the One who gave it all for us to have Peace.  He is waiting patiently for you.  Shalom!

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    God says He will show us great and mighty things if we ask. He allows us to question and give thought so he can add to the conversation. That’s how I see it, anyway. 🙂

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    Thank you for your encouraging words. We serve a truly Amazing God!

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    Thank you for this encouraging word, Mitzi.
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      Thank you so much Hattie. I am so pleased that you find this encouraging. There will definitely be more to come.

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