Did You Fight For Your Salvation?

Coming to the knowledge of the saving grace of the cross is a miracle.  It is a free gift, handed to your undeserving soul.  This gift comes wrapped with the blood of the One who died to give it to you.  The gift of grace extends far, far beyond salvation.  Every detail of the crucifixion is filled with significance.  Jesus wore a crown of thorns and was mocked wearing a purple robe of royalty so you could belong to God’s kingdom.  He became poor so you could be rich.  He was betrayed so you could belong to the One who will never leave you nor forsake you.  He was bruised and beaten so you can walk in divine healing.  The thorns on the crown pierced his head so you can claim a healed mind.

We understand salvation is a gift we cannot earn and, yet, once saved we begin to fight to achieve the other benefits of grace.  We fight to ‘clean ourselves up’ and look like we are wearing appropriate Christian garments.  If there is a lack in your life or a struggle to overcome a stronghold or addiction, know that our precious Savior died to free you from a life of struggle.  Search the Word that applies to your situation and pray!  Take the gift of grace to cover that area of your life and allow God to work.  Replace your own striving and working with an honest admission of powerlessness.  This opens the heavens for God to work on your behalf.  Jesus said His burden is easy and His yoke is light.  Believe God’s grace is sufficient.  You are an overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony!

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